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Agileana to Partner with Justworks

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Agileana, LC recently partnered with Justworks, Inc. to provide our employees with employee benefits, payroll, compliance and HR tools. Justworks is an IRS-certified PEO (professional employer organization). Why a PEO? We were initially interested in a partnership with a PEO to help us offer competitive benefits to retain and recruit new team members. Because of … Continued

SAM SPAM: SAM.GOV isn’t texting us – or you

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A funny thing happened this week when I updated our company’s registration with, the official federal government website for acquisition activities — our CEO received a text to seemingly complete the process. He forwarded the text to me to handle. To my surprise, the link took me to an official looking website that gave … Continued

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no jerks allowed

Jerk-Free Workplace

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Have you ever worked for a jerk? Some time ago I worked for a small business with an out-of-town owner who was a real jerk on an irregular basis. Some of the time he was friendly and professional. Then, just when you weren’t expecting it, ZING! One ZING from the out-of-towner was over summer vacation … Continued

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Pen signing a document

Agile Procurement Strategy

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  Effective agile software development begins with a procurement team that understands what’s important in a contract for agile development. Often, customers require fixed price proposals even though requirements are not fully defined in the RFQ.  How can vendors submit fixed price proposals when requirements are unclear? Fortunately, agile allows for that. Contract Phase 1 … Continued

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Book cover for the Agile Samurai

Agile Software Development Overview

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Last month I read a classic text on agile software development called The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software by Jonathan Rasmusson.  This book is required reading for all team members in our organization. When my teenage son (an aspiring software engineer) asked me what the book was about, I told him about … Continued

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Best WordPress Web Hosting

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As discussed previously, inQbation has been using and recommending Media Temple for years. We love their world-class customer service and reliability, and the flexibility that their plans have to offer. Media Temple recently launched a new premium hosting plan for WordPress blogs which costs $29/month. While that plan may be great for clients with simple … Continued

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WordPress Design Agency in Washington DC

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WordPress Design Agency in Washington DC When a customer comes to for a new website design based on WordPress, they sometimes struggle to articulate exactly what they want their website to look like. That’s why we most often encourage the client to review the designs available through Themeforest, for example. We often recommend this approach … Continued

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