Apple stores suck and I hope they go out of business

Stupid sales people, stupid policies, stupid website

I need an OS upgrade to an office iMac so I go online to the apple store and select the OS upgrade.  I’m given the choice of shipping it to my office in 2-3 days or pick up at a local Apple store.  Since this is urgent, I opt to pick it up at the Apple store.  So, I put in my zip code and it instructs me to go to the Reston Town Center Apple store, which sucks.  I drive around, finally find a place to park, walk in and it’s chaos and confusion.  Nobody greets me.  There is no information desk.  No signs instructing people what to do.  No visible cash registers.  No visible person in charge.  No customer service.

Finally, a teenager walks up to me with an iPad and asks for my name to put me in the queue.  I give him my name and he asks what I’m looking for.  I pull out my iPhone to look up the exact specs of the OS upgrade and he tells me that I needed to call in advance to make an appointment to talk about phones.  I told him I don’t need a phone, I need to pick up the OS upgrade.

He goes to the back for a few minutes, returns, and then says they don’t carry upgrades that I have to go online and order it.  I told him I did go online to order it but it instructed me to go to the local Apple store.  He told me that they don’t carry DVDs there that I had to order it online and have it shipped to the Apple store for pick up.  I asked him how long it takes.  He said 2-3 days.

I asked him why the fuck would I order a DVD to go to the Apple store in 2-3 days so I could waste my time driving, finding a place to park, and deal with disorganization and chaos when I could have just as easily avoided all these annoyances and had the DVD shipped directly to my home or office in 2-3 days.  He said that some people preferred to come into the store.

Geezuz.  Now I know why I’m not an “Apple person”.  Apple stores suck and I sincerely hope they go out of business and crash and burn now that Steve Jobs is dead.  Companies with such arrogance and poor customer service that lose total sight of usability and customer convenience should not deserve to stay profitable or in business.  I’m totally happy buying my hardware directly from

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