Analyzing Barack Obama’s amazing online campaign

Regardless of whether you are a McCain fan or an Obama fan, it is hard to deny the success of Obama’s online outreach program.  If you would like a benchmark to see how  your campaign or website compares to that of Obama, read on.

Obama’s online scorecard

The first thing we did was run his site past a couple 3rd party measuring sticks.   We ran it through Alexa, Statbrain, Google, Yahoo, Website Grader, and a few other key performance indicators.  There are the results:

Metric Score Rating
Google Page Rank 7/10 Outstanding
Google Indexed Pages 2,240 Outstanding
Yahoo Inbound Links 1,936,478 Unbelievable
Social Bookmarks 2,332 Phenomenal
Alexa 1,458 Top 0.01%
Website Grader 96.5 Almost Perfect
StatBrain 530,000 Extraordinary
Overall 9/10 Almost Perfect

Obama’s Online Marketing Techniques

So, how does the Obama team do it? What are the tricks?  Let’s take a look.

On Page Elements has ensured that all TITLE tags, META description tags, and META keyword tags and completed and unique for every page.  This site also significant content and most all of that content has been indexed on Google.  Interestingly, the site doesn’t take advantage of Htags or images with ALT tags.

Off Page Elements

What is happening outside of is what is really making the difference.  The Obama team has made tremendous use of viral video marketing via YouTube.  This viral video effect is multiplied, almost exponentially, by Obama’s fans making their own videos and remixes.

While the folks at Google might downplay the value of inbound links, the results cannot be denied.  His incredible number of inbound links, almost two million, play a significant role in his search engine optimization.  This is particularly important because if you follow your instincts and simply type into your browser, you will surprized to see that he doesn’t own it.  So, it’s crucial that when people Google, “Obama,” that he ranks first place.

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