I visited the Akamai offices in Reston, Virginia today and toured their NOCC.  They gave me a VIP demo and a nice brown bag lunch.  Basically, Akamai is a technology for accelerating delivery of your web content.  They started out as kind of a caching service.  Then, they distributed about 35,000 redundant servers across the edge of the internet around the world.  The result is a much more stabilized and consistent of getting your content onto the decentralized and distributed network of workstations, laptops, and computers around the world.

Visiting their NOCC is very much like visiting a military command and control center.  They have a dozen plasma TVs around the room showing off hot-spots around the world, internet choke points, and even areas of cyber attack.  Their eyes are on everything with regard to internetworking.

Akamai‘s client base is nicely distributed across the U.S. government, U.S. military, top U.S. media outlets, top entertainment brands, top retail brands, and other Fortune 500 companies.  For more information about Akamai’s solutions, please visit their website.

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