Agileana wins GSA Agile Services BPA by 18F

Agileana - Lean and Agile DC Web Developer

WASHINGTON, DC – June 23, 20015

inQbation LLC dba Agileana LC is pleased to be awarded Pool 3 BPA for the GSA Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Agile Delivery Services (ADS) under its Schedule 70 Contract.

Hassan Harris, Senior Contracting Officer for GSA made this announcement,

Subsequent to the announcement of the original sixteen Pool 3 BPA awardees and upon further review of evidence in GSA’s possession prior to the deadline for quotes but not know specifically by the GSA contracting officer until brought to his attention by offeror InQbation, GSA has determined that InQbation had indeed satisfied the RFQ requirement that the contracting officer had previously assumed was unmet by InQbation regarding labor categories on its Schedule 70 contract.  This was the only requirement that had precluded InQbation from receiving an award; accordingly, InQbation has been awarded a Pool 3 BPA.  

Technical Approach rating: Exceptional

We look forward competing alongside the other 16 Pool 3 BPA awardees.

According to our CEO, Shannon Sartin, “this represents the end of an era of bloated IT contracts that run over budget and past schedule.”

The whole purpose of agile delivery services, according to agile coach Blake Newman, is to sprint forward with a lean, minimum viable product.  If we are up against a fixed cost and firm deadline then the agile variables become scope of work and acceptance criteria.” Blake continues, “And, we only bit enough that we can chew.  There is no need to spend months or years in Discovery then even longer in development and then ultimately deliver a product that is obsolete upon delivery.”

The Agile Delivery Services BPA is just one of many ways that the 18F group is doing to change the way the government works and the outside perception of government contracting.

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