Agileana wins contract to help modernize the U.S. Courts system of Drupal websites

WASHINGTON, DC – The Procurement Management Division of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts awarded a task order to Agileana against its GSA multiple awards schedule (MAS) Information Technology Professional Services for Drupal consulting services required to develop a strategic plan for architecting the next generation of U.S. Courts websites and migrating these sites into a continuous improvement environment.

The scope of the project is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of and the current court template websites based on site review, stakeholder discovery, data assessment, and other methods deemed appropriate and to develop a plan for creating, implementing, and migrating the next iteration of the court website toolbox templates and 

The next iteration of the sites will leverage the most current Drupal platform and supporting technologies. The plan developed by the contractor will provide the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) Web Team with will specifications, documentation, and other necessary guidance to build new court site templates and a site and to migrate existing content into the new sites.

The contractor will also define and document continuous improvement processes for site development and release as well as an optimal hosting environment with a focus on best web practices, accessibility, increased site functionality, enhanced user experience, maximum functionality, continuous improvement, optimal performance, and cost effectiveness. 

The OPA Web Team operates using Agile methodology, primarily modified Scrum and aspects of Safe for day-to-day operations.

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