Agileana Update for Summer Internship Hackathon

Hi everyone!

Today at Agileana I got some more work done on the traction for the SEO Quotient web app. Farhan, Blake, and I had a conversation at the end of the day last Friday, about emailing SEO pros. I drafted an email discussing the product, but once Blake and I read it over, we decided it should be more about us being their customers instead of them being our customers. He gave me a lesson about the types of emails he opens and they types he puts in the spam folder. Some quick tips: don’t use question marks in the subject line and don’t use Sir/madam in the salutation.

I started making a contacts list with people in directories of other SEO pro websites and made sure to get their first names because addressing people by their name in the salutation is not just nice, but it makes them more likely to follow through. Lastly, I tried to make accounts on MailChimp and SendinBlue, but in order to send emails out to a list of people, they had to subscribe to you. We decided in the end, to just send it from a company email. Tonight, I am going to edit the draft of the email, have a few team members look over it, and send it out tomorrow hopefully.

Have a great week!

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