Agileana to Partner with Justworks

Agileana, LC recently partnered with Justworks, Inc. to provide our employees with employee benefits, payroll, compliance and HR tools. Justworks is an IRS-certified PEO (professional employer organization).

Why a PEO?

We were initially interested in a partnership with a PEO to help us offer competitive benefits to retain and recruit new team members. Because of our small size (less than 50 employees), Agileana is exempt from the ACA requirement to provide health insurance to our employees. Historically our employees have been insured through a family member’s policy, or the marketplace.

We were increasingly concerned about the sharp increases in insurance premiums and our ability (as a small employer) to provide competitive benefits. Our concerns were realized when team members received notices that their 2018 premiums were increasing by an average of 45%. Our partnership with Justworks happened just in time! For less than what team members paid in 2017 for health insurance alone, Justworks offered excellent benefits for health, vision and dental insurance in 2018.

Stream-lined HR

Agileana is an organization distributed across three time zones with team members in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado. In the past, we hobbled together various HR tools from multiple vendors to serve our team. We used one vendor for payroll processing, which included withholding, reporting and remitting taxes at the federal and state levels; another vendor for electronic personnel records and on-boarding management; and yet another vendor for employment related insurance such as workers comp. Had we offered insurance and other employee benefits as a small employer group, we would likely have had one or two additional vendors to deal with.

We also worried about being out of compliance with the complicated set of employment and labor regulations and the fines we might incur should we make a compliance error.

Our partnership with Justworks allows us to have a single online tool to manage all our HR needs and have confidence that we are following all applicable employment related laws and regulations.

Agileana, LC is a veteran-owned, certified small business that is dedicated to providing our team members with an inspiring purpose, creative and dynamic work environment that respects its people, provides secure employment, leadership opportunities and competitive benefits.

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