Agileana Summer Internship Hackathon Day Three and Four by Kunal Naik


Days three and four have changed in terms of the schedule that we have followed. Now that we have finished the house keeping issues, we have moved on to actually working on getting traction for the products we are making.

On day three, the traction team spent time working on the identity of 7DHub which we have now decided to call, Balysitc. Balystic currently has a WordPress based service where people can find developers to make their websites. However, we hope to use this name to now promote the platform which will allow people to use our community management tool. We also spent time creating a small landing page for Balystic where people can see what the product has and the features that will be prominent.

Today, our primary concern was SEO Quotient, our second, more specific, product. SEO is an amazing resource for any person with a website. It is important for a website owner to have a presence so they can be found at any point in time. We hope that SEO Quotient will be the SEO Analysis Tool that will help people analyze, adjust and attract sites.

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