Agileana awarded Silver Drupal Certified Partner

WASHINGTON, DC – Agileana is proud to announce that it is a Drupal Certified Partner at the Silver level. The Drupal Certified Partner program was initiated in 2019 by Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, to introduce the notion of balancing maker and takers. Similar to the concept of Givers vs Takers, Makers vs Takers is about how the open source community thrives by those people willing to contribute their own time and resources to make open source software a better product for all.

Without the open source community, open source software would not exist. The alternative is to leave it into the hands of large companies who can monopolize the market and consolidate power into fewer hands. Open source communities and open source software, on the other hand, helps balance and distribute that power for the common good.

The Drupal project is driven by a large global network of developers, designers, and other contributors that are constantly innovating the Drupal project. The Drupal Certified Partner recognizes and awards agencies that demonstrate significant innovation, philanthropic leadership and contribution to the Drupal project. These organizations are verified by the Drupal Association as Drupal Certified Partners on

As an open-source project the Drupal Certified Partner provides us with the necessary support to ensure security, accessibility and flexibility of the platform to meet enterprise level client innovation & scalability standards. Drupal Certified Partners are ambitious and have made Drupal a priority. Organizations are evaluated annually and awarded certification levels reflective of philanthropic and code contributions that they have made towards the project & the Drupal community.

Learn more about becoming a Drupal Certified Partner.

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