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Drupal 7 is going the way of the dodo. This time, it’s for real. The Drupal Association has confirmed that the recent extension of D7 end of life to January 5, 2025 will be the final extension.

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What does end of life mean? It means that if you’re still using Drupal 7 after January 5, 2025, your site will no longer receive feature updates, bug fixes, or security releases. That last point is particularly crucial. Without security updates, you will be completely vulnerable to attacks unless you pay for some sort of third-party security provider, which is a costly undertaking.

Drupal has already reduced its support for Drupal 7 as of August 1 of this year. This includes reduced support for moderately critical Drupal 7 issues, no new maintainership for unsupported D7 modules and themes, no more support for PHP 5.5 and below, no more security fixes for D7 Windows-only issues, and no more D7 distribution packages with Drush files.

Moreover, while January 2025 might seem a ways off still, planning and executing migration can be time consuming. It’s time now to start planning for it.

The Drupal Association has drawn up a suggested migration timeline as well as a questionnaire to help you decide on the right course of action for your Drupal site. It also provides a list of 12 certified enterprise-grade migration partners who can help. This list includes us, who the association describes as “one of THE most qualified agencies in the industry.”

We are indeed ready to be your go-to Drupal 7 migration experts. Together we have more than 100 Drupal certifications and more than 12 triple-certified Drupal experts (as well as the world’s first quadruple Drupal grandmaster) on our team. We know the Drupal platform inside and out and we are already hard at work helping clients migrate from D7 to D10.

Don’t have an enterprise-level site? The association also provides a list of recommended mid-scale partners as well as freelancers and small shops, enabling businesses and organizations of all sizes to find the help they need in planning and executing their migration.

It’s high time to start planning your Drupal 7 migration! Contact us today and find out what we can do for you. 

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