Agileana elevates to Gold Drupal Certified Partner

WASHINGTON, DC – Agileana is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Gold status on the Drupal Certified Partner Program.

The Drupal Supporting Partner Program provides a way for organizations to support and contribute to the Drupal Association and Drupal project. Drupal Certified Partners are Supporting Partner agencies who go above and beyond, meeting additional criteria of contribution back to the Drupal Project as well as providing vetted case studies of their client work.

The Drupal project is driven by a large global network of developers, designers, and other contributors that are constantly innovating the Drupal project. The Drupal Certified Partner recognizes and awards agencies that demonstrate significant innovation, philanthropic leadership and contribution to the Drupal project. These organizations are verified by the Drupal Association as Drupal Certified Partners on

Drupal Certified Partners are ambitious and have made Drupal a priority often leveraging significant talent and time contributions, philanthropic funding of Drupal initiatives or programming, and establishing educational standards for a pipeline of diverse emerging Drupal talent.

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