Agileana Summer Internship Hackathon Day Two by Kunal Naik

During the second day of the internship, we continued some housekeeping tasks from the first day, but spent most of the time discussing the product which we wanted to create during this six-week period. The original idea began with the idea that all websites are a root of 7 major themes. These 7 major themes could be created in a framework that any person could use in order to build a website or tool. One issue that most of us found with this idea was the vagueness and broadness of the idea. It is hard to pitch, sell, and create.

Moving forward, we hope to create a smaller niche version of this 7DHub which can do a specific job. We decided on the SEOQ tool which has already been slightly developed by inQbation Labs over the past few years. I think it is great that we are trying to improve this tool during the computer science hackathon because there is a need for this type of tool for those who are interested in SEO.

Tomorrow we will likely begin the working/sprint phase of the first week. I still hope to see a more specific lens for the internship, but I like the direction we are headed in.


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