Agile Web Development Summer Internship Hackathon Day 2 by Claire Scoggins

Day two was definitely interesting and absolutely not what I expected it to be. I came into day two thinking it was going to be a bit of an extension and conclusion of day one – a long talk on what to expect over the next few weeks and everything we need to 100% hit the ground running – but it actually turned into a long discussion on what product to focus on over the next few weeks. It was a fascinating discussion for sure, discussing how to market a complex idea so that it is easily understood, how to go about explaining a tool that has so many applications, how to be specific yet highlight the endless possibilities. At the end of the day the group decided to go about building/marketing the community managing tool by starting with one community. By a vote the focus was decided to be put on SEOQ – a search engine quotient.

I’m very thankful that us interns had such a big say in what we’d be doing and how to go about it – that’s very rare to find and it’s one of the big bonuses of smaller companies. Ultimately Blake updated us via email later letting us know that we’ll actually be focusing on building the community managing tool itself this summer rather than just one application of it and honestly (very honestly) I’m very glad we’re doing that. After a long day of intense thinking and discussion I really do think this is the best way to go about it. 7dhub is the big idea here – the big tool that will ultimately change the ways communities organize and communicate. It absolutely is better to make that available before any one community in particular takes advantage of it.

Besides, this way everyone can get excited for my up and coming ninja training website coming at you in 2017 via 7dhub!!!


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