Agile Development for Drupal and WordPress

WASHINGTON DC – The merits of Agile web development with Drupal and WordPress

We have studied, read about, and observed hundreds of projects that have suffered huge cost overruns, enormous delays, and complete failures for one primary reason; they tried to do too much too soon.  Most projects fail because they fail to narrow the scope and focus on the essentials.

We have learned that it is far better to get something small that works effectively and get it deployed in a few weeks or months than to get bogged down in an enormous, uncontrollable project that never sees the light of day.

The truth is that the larger and more ambitious the project, the less likely it will launch on time and within budget.  Moreover, it is nearly impossible to estimate exactly how long something will take and how much it will cost unless it is a very narrowly defined and precisely scoped task.

Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s called Agile Development.  The premise behind Agile is that you:

  • Describe a vision
  • Brainstorm a wish list of features
  • Weigh each feature according to its estimate time and cost to develop
  • Rank and prioritize these features based on low-hanging fruit:
    • Biggest impact or value at the
    • Lowest cost, and
    • Shortest amount of time to deliver
    • Schedule a short (2-3 week sprint) that enables you to deliver completed functionality

At the end of every sprint, you should have completed deliverables that contribute to a greater goal, strategy or objective.  Then, you deploy software releases that contain the design, developed, and tested deliverables of one or more sprints.

The benefit to Agile Development is that you see results faster, you get them into the hands of consumers more quickly, get feedback on these deliverables, and use the feedback of your clients to determine the future direction of the product.  More importantly, if the project ever were to lose funding or leadership; you will have complete, functional software that is deployed and working.  The work performed will have been put to use and not have been wasted.

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