Agile Development Contract Holder in Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC – Agileana, a lean agile web development shop in the DC metro area, is proud to be one of 17 vendors on the 18F Agile Delivery Services (ADS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA).

Long before we migrated to Washington DC area from California, we were a lean, iterative development shop. As lean startup enthusiasts, we embrace the philosophy of 1) Launch it quickly, 2) Do it cheaply, and 3) Revise it rapidly.  After moving to the DC metro area, we strive to apply these same lean, bootstrap principles to federal government contracting and web development.

We look forward to other agile contract vehicles coming on the horizon because we believe that this is the smarter way of contracting for web services and getting things done cost-effectively. While agile may not actually reduce IT costs, we believe it does make better use of tax payer dollars because clients get more value for what they pay.

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