Advantages, benefits, and features of Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is an entirely new content management system (CMS) re-built from the ground up using a more modern, modular, object oriented framework.  Migrating from earlier versions of Drupal to Drupal 8 is almost like migrating from an entirely different CMS, but it is well worth the effort due to its advantages, benefits, and features, including:

  • Ability to create unlimited user profiles, user roles, and distinct permissions
  • Ability to allow multi-user content creation and editing with various permissions
  • Workflow tools, triggers, and actions for content creation, editing, approval, publishing
  • Ability to create pages, sub-pages, blogs, forums, polls, comments, books, articles
  • Ability to customize the look and feel, to reflect style guides, fonts, colors, graphics
  • Ability to provide content in multiple languages in order to support localization
  • Content translation workflows to allow site administrators to translate specific content
  • Media library to host images, videos, music files, docs, PDFs, and presentations
  • Ability to link to media hosted on other sites and to embed media from other sites
  • Device-agnostic user interface, based on Bootstrap, that is responsive by nature
  • API-first approach to make it easier to integrate 3rd party applications and databases
  • REST services to allow content to be syndicated, aggregated, decoupled, and headless
  • Content moderation to allow people of various roles to edit, moderate, delete content
  • Easy content authoring including customizable WYSIWYG editor and spell checker
  • Hierarchical taxonomy system, which allows content to be tagged and categorized
  • Ability to create descriptive, readable URLs and permalinks for search engine optimization
  • Ability to create multi-level menu system and information architecture
  • Password controlled login, including OpenID support and two factor authentications
  • Access statistics and logging of user activities for purpose of usage analytics
  • Advanced search and the ability to integrate Apache Solr search if necessary
  • Ability to create form fields including Boolean, data, email, link, open text, number types

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