7 Levels of Social Media Integration

WASHINGTON DC – Social Media Expert

I like the number 7. It’s somehow magical, complete, and easy-to-remember.  We have identified 7 primary levels of social media integration that can be implemented within a website design.  It is like my 7 Drivers of Website Traffic and my 7 C’s of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This is useful for commercial websites and nonprofit organization websites.

  1. Social media follow buttons to allow web visitors to click through to the organization’s social media properties.  Be sure to be comprehensive.  The organization should leverage LinkedIn and Google+.
  2. Social media branding ensures that when people end up on a social media property that it reflects the brand and resembles the corporate style guide, colors, and graphics.  The social media profile names should be consistently branded.
  3. Social media like and recommend buttons allow visitors to click a button and become a subscriber to the news and updates put out by the social media strategist.
  4. Social media share functionality allows website visitors to more easily share pages, content, and URLs from the website across their social media profiles.  This effectively casts a wide net and expands the reach of the organization into the communities where people hang out.  Then, as more people are exposed to these social media postings, it will pull more people and new visitor segments back into the website.
  5. Social media feeds syndicates content to social media properties from the website and into the website from social media properties.
  6. Embedded social media widgets, such as YouTube videos, enables organizations to share multimedia content on their website without the burden of hosting or streaming video files.  When people view these embedded materials, they add to the number of views, which increases the likelihood that the videos will be viewed in the future.  And, it allows people to see videos they might not have seen and subscribe to the video channel.
  7. Social media connect allows us to leverage the same user ID and password that people use to log into their social media profile to log into the website.  This is a convenience for the web visitor because it means one less user ID and password to remember.  It also helps automate the syndication of content to their social media profiles and builds viral marketing into the DNA of the website.  And, it helps provide the organization with additional demographic data and insights into their target audience.

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