7 C’s of SEO™ by Blake Newman

7 C’s of Search Engine Optimization™ by Blake Newman

  1. Crawlability
  2. Credibility
  3. Code
  4. Content
  5. Conversion
  6. Conversation
  7. Competition

Crawlability – Can your site be crawled? Are you allowing robots? Are you encouraging robots? Are there links within your website to key sections of the site, e.g., is there a link to the blog? Is content being blocked by a userid or password? Is content trapped within a video, i.e., no closed captions or written transcripts of the video? Is content trapped within an image, i.e., no alt text, no captions, no meta data buried within the image file properties?

Credibility – Does anybody know about your site, e.g., are there lots of links from credible sources to your site from other websites? Is the domain name leased for many years? Is the site on a clean server and not neighbors with a trashy, spammy, site? Have you done author verification with Google?

Code – Does your code work? Does it pass HTML/CSS validation? Is there more content than code? Do you have most of the CSS in on CSS?

Content – Does your content reflect your key words? Do you have sufficient content? Do you have relevant content? Do you have unique content? Is your content high quality, worth reading? Do people demand your content?

Conversion – When people see your listing on the Google search results pages, do people want to click on your link? Is the headline (title tag) compelling? Is your meta description compelling? Is your headline and meta description relevant to the keyword phrase being searched?

Conversation – Do you encourage user generated content? Are there discussion pages on your site? Do you allow and encourage people to comment, to rate or rank things on your site, to ask questions, to give advice? Are people talking about your site on social media pages? Are they linking back to your site from social media? Are you getting traffic from social media sources? Are you encouraging people to share your site on social media?

Competition – what is the competition doing? If you have equal demand for two keyword phrases, are you focusing on the keyword phrase with less demand? What sites are ranking for the keyword phrases that you want to rank? What are they doing that you are not? How are they ranking so well? What is their secret?

You have to be conscious of the 7 C’s of SEO™ by Blake Newman and take action on those 7 C’s of SEO if you want to rank high on search engines.

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