How to build an SaaS platform using agile development methodology

Today started off with our first daily standup where we went around each team and stated what we accomplished, yesterday, our goals today, and what obstacles could get in our way. Specifically, the SaaS team plans to have a formal sprint meeting soon, presumably tomorrow while the other two had their sprint meetings today. After the morning ritual, the teams split off to begin their internship work.

Because we were at different stages of the Django tutorial, we broke off into pairs in order to get everyone at the same stage using pair programming. At the end of the day, Jenny and John had almost completed the Django tutorial, and Claire and I had begun looking through the libraries for user registration authentication and tenants. Hopefully, we can complete sprint zero and begin clarifying our user stories after tomorrow’s sprint planning. The 7DHub project code is beginning to look clearer as we work more with Django.



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