4 Rules of Git (and the 8 Rules of Fight Club)

At a recent Drupal GovCon that I attended at the National Institutes of Health Campus in Bethesda Maryland, I sat in on a talk by Daniel Zinkevich of Zivtech (maker of Probo.ci Рa tool for automated testing, quality assurance, and continuous integration).

Daniel’s tech talk was titled, “Untangling Your Code: A Drupal-Based Git Workflow.” ¬†Good talk. I tend to prefer tech talks over agile or PM talks because I usually walk away learning something new.

My take away from his talk is summarized in one slide:

4 Rules of Git

  1. All work is done in a branch
  2. Nobody merges their own code
  3. No editing on production servers
  4. Master is always deployable

Great set of rules to abide by.

Speaking of rules and abide, I have to share one of my favorite movie clips to end this short blog post on a happy note.

The First Rule of Fight Club

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