3 things to do when starting SEO

The Three Things You Must do When Beginning a Search Engine Optimization Campaign

It’s always fun to see someone discover search engine optimization (SEO) for the first time. And while it might seem like every business owner and online marketer has been trying to claw their way to the first page of the Google listings for a while, we can assure you that there are plenty of folks who are just getting started.

This is a great thing, for businesses and searchers alike. The more people get involved with SEO, the easier it becomes for consumers to find what they’re looking for. In that sense, everybody wins.

That’s not the same as saying that search engine optimization is easy, however. Too many marketers—having had it dawned on them what kinds of profits they could be making with a strong SEO campaign that brings tens of thousands, or even millions, of qualified customers to their website — turn into children on Christmas morning, tearing their way through one page after another looking for the goodies.

SEO doesn’t work that way; there isn’t a magic secret that turns your site into a search engine superstar overnight. Instead, it’s a slow, sometimes tedious, process of adding and tweaking content on your company’s website. To help you stay on the right path, we would like to offer the three things you absolutely must do when beginning a search engine optimization campaign:

Learn search engine optimization (SEO) basics.

Whether you are going to be handling your SEO campaign on your own, or working with an established search partner, it makes sense to learn the basics. Even if you aren’t going to be the one crafting page titles, keyword rich headings, incoming links, and so on, you’re going to have an easier time figuring out what you’re paying for if you at least understand the concepts. There are lots of great books on SEO out there, so pick one up and spend a couple of hours looking through it before you get started.

Make an SEO plan and blog schedule.

As we mentioned, SEO campaigns are more like marathons – or maybe ultra marathons – than they are sprints. To keep things moving along at a reasonable pace, you’re going to want to make a comprehensive plan and schedule to stick to. That way, you can know right away whether you are accomplishing what you need to, without getting lost in the details and losing your focus.

Keep track of your progress – SEO analytics.

Success in search engine optimization often comes in small increments at first, and exponentially later. What that means to you is that careful record-keeping – especially when it comes to how you’ve changed your pages, what you’ve added, and where you are ranking on Google and the other major search engines for your most important keywords and phrases – can be a lifesaver. With good notes, you’ll be able to see the small improvements as they happen; without them, you might not recognize that you’ve made progress and be tempted to give up before you see results.

Editors note: SEO Quotient will also keep track of your SEO progress, trends, visitor stats and keyword rankings.

Of course, following these three tips alone won’t guarantee your success with search engine optimization. If you can follow them, though, and keep your goals in mind, we can promise you’ll be off to a flying start.

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