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How to Get URL Parameters in Drupal 7

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I’ve seen the horror! (allow me some drama here) I’ve seen code in Drupal projects, trying to get parameters from URLs in this way: $params = $_GET; or $some_var = $_GET[‘some_var’] Drupal has some functions to deal with parameters coming from a URL. Now, let me be honest, it’s not more secure if you use … Continued

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How to make PDF Section 508 Compliant

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How to make PDFs 508 Compliant A portable document format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe to create standard consistency when a document is physically printed from a standard printer.  It is also used to freeze or lock content that should remain intact or in context with other information.  Often, we will post … Continued

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7 Product Dimensions for User Stories

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This month I was going to do the usual, write a summary about the Scrum Alliance webinar for March which was: Make Your User Stories ‘Ready’ to Get to ‘Done’, by Ellen Gottesdiener, from EBG. Instead, I decided to make this one shorter and discuss one of the key subjects she discussed: 7 product dimensions. … Continued

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