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Front end performance enhancements, the 3 snapshot technique

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There are many variables that affect the performance of a website in the front end (website template), and one of them is memory leaks, which can eventually make your website unresponsive and the browser to crash. The GMail team developed a workflow few years ago, called the “three snapshot” technique,  to eliminate memory leaks in GMail, using  the Chrome … Continued

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What I learned at WordPress VIP 2014 in San Francisco and Napa valley

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Apart from learning about wine, and that Napa is such an amazing place in the world, there were a bunch of stuff that I learned from the workshops I attended about security and performance, and from the conversations I had with the team from Automattic and the other attendees of this event. Vagrant, and deploying virtual … Continued

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Five Little-known Features in WordPress to Make Managing Your Site Easier

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WASHINGTON, DC – WordPress Experts If you have a WordPress-powered website, you probably login to the backend Dashboard every day to perform recurring tasks. Well, there are probably a few things you’re not aware of, or might not be completely familiar with. Hopefully this blog post will show you how to manage your WordPress website … Continued

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How We Monitor Your WordPress Website for Security and Performance

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Each one of our clients is very important to us, and keeping your websites safe, secure, and accessible is our top priority. Let me share with you some of the ways we go about making sure your WordPress website is protected from potential security threats. We prefer MediaTemple’s DV Developer hosting for our clients’ websites … Continued

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How to set up a secure Media Temple DV Developer server for WordPress

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WASHINGTON, DC – WordPress Developer Important Notes For all passwords you should use a secure password generator, like You may need to play around with the output so that it fits the MediaTemple password guidelines that disallow certain characters. NOTE: Keep track of your passwords as soon as they are generated so that you … Continued

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