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No junk mail sign on a door

Dealing with SPAM on Drupal

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SPAMMERS are becoming more and more sophisticated, recently we had to support a client’s website protected with Mollom, although Mollom does a good job, it’s not enough, we found there were already a great amount of these annoying messages, we found that even reCaptcha module challenges already set were bypassed by robots, in any case … Continued


Usability testing and best practices: Street signs

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ARLINGTON, VA – We were inside the beltway to visit a client and had the awkward experience of trying to figure out the meaning behind some street signs related to parking.  The stakes were high because if you did not follow the instructions precisely, then you could risk having your car towed, damaging that car … Continued

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99 designs logo

How to get the most out of a 99 designs logo contest

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Your brand and logo is a very important component of your corporate identity and positioning.  Doing it right often means paying tens of thousands of dollars to a big city creative agency.  But, if you are on a shoestring budget and trying to get something up fast, then a 99 designs logo design campaign can … Continued

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Isomorphic JavaScript. The new paradigm.

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In recent years have been created several javascript libraries to migrate all or part of the processing from server to client, in order to improve the response time of the applications. These applications are known as the single-page apps. In practice, however, this type of applications is flawed in important fields such as SEO, performance … Continued

WordPress conference Orlando, FL

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Enjoying a fantastic WordPress conference, called WordCamp in Orlando, Florida. Listening to @nacin and @markjaquith about the future of WordPress and version 3.8. Discovered that there is a WordPress app for the iPhone and decided to download it and test with a blog post. That is how this is being written now. Pretty cool, I … Continued

inqbation web design and development agency

Great digital agencies in Washington DC

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Herndon, VA – inQbation is an integrated digital marketing agency in the Washington DC metro area adjacent to Dulles airport.  We serve government agencies and nonprofit organizations.  We also participate in an employee-owned R&D lab called inQbation Labs that consists of inQbation employees who contribute the evening and weekend hours on hackathons that serve a … Continued

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WhiteHouse uses digital strategy to get the word out

WhiteHouse uses digital strategy to get the word out

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Learn more at: Too bad the Tech President didn’t leverage his tech-savvy and web-savvy to pull off a successful launch.

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Off to WordPress WordCamp Orlando FL November 16-17 2013

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  November 2013, Orlando, FL – inQbation is thrilled to be attending WordPress WordCamp in Orlando, Florida on November 16th and 17th, 2013.  We hope to meet other WordPress enthusiasts as well as the WordCamp sponsors.  Perhaps, we will see you there.

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Drupal logo on blue background

Drupal maintenance contractor in Washington, DC

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If you are looking for a competent, smart, and creative team to work with you to maintain and protect our Drupal-powered website, look no further.  We are a group of Drupal whizzes who aren’t learning on the job and can provide prompt and good support .  We offer top-notch communicators so that you understand the … Continued

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Does WordPress have to look like WordPress?

Does WordPress have to look like WordPress?

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WordPress is not just for blogging Most people think of WordPress as a blog software. While it is true the WordPress is great for blogging, it is so much more powerful than that. Indeed, WordPress can power all of the pages of your website and is one of your best friends for helping your site … Continued

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Angular JS framework logo

Angular js, the superheroic framework for coding less and enjoy more.

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Angularjs is a JavaScript framework, Super-powered by Google, which allows development easily from small to very powerful applications, with less coding. This framework has a very little boilerplate compared to other frameworks like backbonejs, knockoutjs, or meteorjs, and has a very little bootstrapping. You can make, if desired, a simple client application without using any JavaScript, … Continued

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Happy endings – how are your projects ending?

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Ideally, this is how you need to keep your clients throughout the project management life cycle Unfortunately, this is often the happy factor arc that clients go through during the web design and development process In the service business, you tend to be only as good as your last project because the best way to … Continued

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