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WordPress hacker in Washington DC

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The good news is about WordPress is that it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to customize.  The bad news is about WordPress is that it’s easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to customize.  This is bad news because anybody who thinks they know anything about design, development, or WordPress can … Continued

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Using SharePoint for Cloud Collaboration

Using SharePoint for Cloud Collaboration

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As businesses pursue a more mobile approach to productivity, powerful collaboration tools are increasingly necessary. While cloud collaboration can, and does, cut costs dramatically for many companies, the necessity of collaboration moves beyond simplistic budgetary aspects of running a company and managing collaborative data. For businesses of all sizes, SharePoint is the de facto platform … Continued

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Google Adwords logo on red background

Dropping cookies to reinforce your brand through Google Adwords advertising

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Retargeting, remarketing, ad stalking, spyware advertising For about the fifth time in the past month, I have visited a website for the first time and then went onto either YouTube or some website that has display advertising by Google and saw, for a second time the company I visited earlier in the day or week. … Continued

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How to raise funds for a nonprofit

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There are many ways for a nonprofit to raise funds. But there is one that’s massive, global and “free:” crowd-funding. The word crowd-funding comes from the combination of two words: crowd + funding, which basically means a collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated … Continued

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How to get access to a Google analytics account setup on your website by somebody else

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Have you ever had a contractor, web developer, SEO pro or former employee set up or install Google Analytics on your account and then disappear? Of course, you can start from scratch and insert a new web tracking code, but  that former web traffic history is valuable data and intelligence.  It would be a shame to … Continued

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CMS Trends: WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

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Which is better?  WordPress or Joomla or Drupal? According to Google Trends, WordPress continues to be red hot, Joomla rose to its peak and is a falling empire, and Drupal grows slowly but steadily. The winner for most websites appears to be WordPress.  Although Joomla is still more prevalent than Drupal, it appears that Joomla … Continued

Northern VA WordPress designers

Northern VA WordPress designers

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Herndon, VA – inQbation is a Northern Virginia based web design and development firm with expertise in WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and WordPress security.  This is a sample of some of the WordPress sites that we have implemented for our Northern Virginia clients. Superb Cuisines Concept Solutions Gall Zeidler Consultants HEP data Town of Remington, … Continued

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How to detect and prevent hackers and spammers

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Today I received this email from what appeared to be a relative, both my father and brother are named David Newman.  So, it would be tempting to trust anything from them and click on it. But after opening the email, it was obvious that it was not my father or brother.  They don’t write this … Continued

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Non Profit Web Design 101, Step 1

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Websites are the advertising tool non-profit marketing departments have been awaiting for decades. An effective digital marketing campaign or strategic website overhaul are so much more affordable than the old alternatives of print adverting, direct mailings or media campaigns. But a surprising number of non-profit organizations are not taking advantage of these tools to their full … Continued

Development Joomla Washington DC

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Washington, DC – Joomla! continues to evolve as an enterprise level, open source content management system (CMS) solution. Particularly with its launch of Joomla! 3.0; Joomla has proven to continue to be one of the top three CMS options. Jockeying between WordPress and Drupal, Joomla 3.0 is becoming easier and more user-friendly than Drupal but … Continued

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Wordpress logo in between two connectors

Network Solutions – WordPress hosting down and slow

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If anybody out there is using Network Solutions for your hosting and if your website is powered by WordPress, then you have probably been experiencing some problems this week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, many of the websites hosted by Network Solutions were completely dark.  When they came up on Thursday, they were running really slow. … Continued

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Interactive Developer, Northern Virginia

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inQbation is a Washington DC metropolitan area interactive design company in its 6th year in operation. We have successful multimedia developers skilled with sense of design and typography.  We have an expert knowledge of HTML/HTML5, XHTML, and CSS programming skills plus proficiency in Drupal, JavaScript/jQuery and XML/XSL. We serve a diverse client base from government … Continued

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Web designer / drupal themer | Washington DC

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inQbation is a Northern Virginia based Drupal shop with experience in responsive design, Drupal theming, and custom web development.  We are passionate about turning their own design composites into clean, cross-browser and standards compliant themes.  Our qualifications include: Experience with Drupal 7 Experience with the Omega base theme (and other Drupal responsive themes) Excellent HTML/CSS … Continued

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Drupal Project Manager | Washington, DC

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inQbation is thrilled to have Veronica Ramirez on our team as a Drupal Project Manager.  Veronica has a degree in Software Engineering, a second degree in Interactive Design, and is on her way to earning her PMP certification.  She has attended many Drupal conferences including DrupalCon 2012 in Denver.  It’s great to have a project … Continued