10 Steps to search engine optimization (SEO)

  1. Use the keywords that your clients would use to Google, “somebody like you, if they didn’t know who you were.”
  2. Ensure that every page of your website has a unique TITLE tag and that you put your most valuable keyword phrase at the beginning of that TITLE tag
  3. SUBMIT your URL to Google and Yahoo
  4. Ensure that every page has a single H1 Header tag that concisely describes the contents of your web page, and make sure you include the keywords that your clients would most likely use to Google…
  5. Install a WordPress blog on your website and ensure that you make maximum effective use of SEO plug-ins, category names that contain your keyword phrases, a blog roll that goes out and comes back into your website, and post slugs (pretty permalinks). Most importantly, write regular blog entries and ensure that you put your most valuable keyword phrases in the Title or Subject of the blog article.
  6. Make sure that your folder names, directory path, file names, and images names all contain your most valuable keyword phrases.
  7. Ensure that you use images on your website and that you describe these images, preferably using your keyword phrases, in both the ALT and TITLE tags for that image.
  8. Create online social and professional networking profiles and be sure to list your website and blog in those profiles.
  9. Read and comment on other blogs and be sure to enter the URL of your website in the field for that blog comment. This helps increase your number of inbound links.
  10. Check your SEO progress once a week and take note of your progress, your deficiencies, and their recommendations.

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