Mulberry School

Los Gatos, CA – We Teach the Whole Child and the Whole Family. As many local schools promote their approach to teaching the whole child, Mulberry widens its lens to teach the whole family, methodically equipping our mothers and fathers with new knowledge and new parenting skills to more effectively facilitate their son’s or daughter’s learning at school and at home.
We Integrate Creativity

Mulberry is reimagining the relationships between Art and foundational academic subject matter like Math and Science, integrating Creativity and Imagination into the everyday learning environment so that a student might learn more about more on any given day – colors, fractions, beauty, chemical elements, and so on – than any traditional curriculum could ever hope to impart.
We Practice Positive Discipline

As a national leader in the Positive Discipline classroom management model, we help children feel a sense of connection within our school community, promote mutual respect and encouragement among kids and teachers, and outfit each child with relevant social skills and life skills, ultimately graduating 5th Grade girls and boys who are more responsible, more respectful, and more resourceful than many of their peers at competing schools.
We Empower Parents to Participate

Mulberry near-seamlessly choreographs our parents and their busy schedules into the School’s ever-dynamic campus community, partnering them with expert faculty so that they might meaningfully contribute in their child’s classroom, in the you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it school yard, and in the many small moments of love and laughter in between.
We Nurture a One-of-a-Kind Community

Mulberry’s leadership continually cultivates the evolving ecosystem of our school by deftly building and deepening relationships inside the School and out; by methodically studying new opportunities and potential strategies to enhance each child’s learning experience; by carefully balancing the desires and opinions of faculty, staff, current parents, former parents, donors, and alumni; and by always – always, always, always – placing the needs of Mulberry students first, no matter what.
We Find (and Keep) the Best Teachers

Mulberry works tirelessly to source, hire and retain some of the very best teachers in the region, believing that while any school can teach Math or promote Parent Participation or Positive Discipline, it is that individual teacher and her or his passion, dedication and genius that determines the difference between a good school, a great school, and a transcendent school that influences the thinking of a child forever.