Let Simon Decide

Redondo Beach, CA – The need for Let Simon Decide was painfully obvious. We live in an age of information overload. Throw in conflicting opinions and advice, and you should be well on your way to a disease known as “analysis paralysis”. Symptoms include dizziness, headache, a nagging feeling that you’re overlooking something, and the strong urge to throw up your hands.

Fortunately, we decided to come up with a cure. Decide to say goodbye to decision gridlock, and say hello to Let Simon Decide. With Simon’s level-headed advice and intelligent, interactive process, decision-making should be less stressful, less time-consuming, more accurate…and yes, even fun. Simon can give you advice with literally any type of decision, but he is particularly helpful when you need to decide on the big, important ones. You know…the ones that could affect the course of your life.

That’s because, unlike decision tools based entirely on crowd-sourcing, Simon decides to make you think through your specific alternatives. (He would never limit you to generic, preset options.) His advice is that you should examine the consequences of your choices before you decide. And he decides to place your decisions in the context of your goals and personality. In other words, Simon helps you reach decisions based on your own circumstances and values, and lets “the wisdom of the crowd” contribute to but not limit what you decide.

As comprehensive as Simon is, he is not a research engine, however. So if, for example, you want to decide on a college major, you should carefully research the choices that appeal to you and then you should come to Simon to weigh your priorities, get thoughtful advice and decide to “close the deal”. Simon’s strength lies in helping you understand why something is the right choice – because only then will you feel truly settled.

Other sites are where you should decide to conduct research at the start of the decision-making process. Let Simon Decide is where you should decide to bring your alternatives and objectives together to get advice on how to finalize it – once and for all. Decide to put a long-festering decision behind you today!